"In a future where an evil mega corporation dominates the world, the player enters the role of a heavily armed robot sent by the worldwide resistance to destroy the Evil Corp HQ. "

Evil Corp. is an isometric twin-stick shooter with a hybrid voxel/pixel art style where you destroy endless waves of enemies aiming for the best score, similar to classic arcade games like Robotron and Smash TV.

The game was developed as a final project for the UFMG Development of Digital Games course in 2018/2. Since it was gathering dust in my HD for some time, I decided to open it again, fix some bugs, add a leaderboard and make a WebGL build to release it here, so I hope you have some fun with it :D

During the course, we were assigned to develop a vertical slice of a game, passing from the Game Pitch, Game Design Document, prototype, final presentation, and a Post Mortem, which are available in those links if you can read Portuguese.


EvilCorp-win64.zip 22 MB
EvilCorp-linux64.zip 25 MB


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muito bom, credo, very good, AWESOME, great job keller

Valew mano! (Agora tenho que bater o seu recorde aqui...)