Game developed as final project of the PDS2 course at UFMG in 2018, where we were assigned to make a software, of any kind, using OOP and C++. Since I've been wanting to write a better version of the Sunset Run renderer in OpenGL for some time, I ended implementing it in this project, since making a pacman running in the terminal wasn't going to be as interesting :P

Tools Used

The game was programmed in C++, using the Raylib library as window/input manager and OpenGL context. The logo was made in Gimp (just modified the one from Sunset Run), and the 3D graphics were made in Blender.

Source Code

If you're curious, the source code of the project is available at GitHub,

Install instructions

Just extract it on a folder and run it.


Download 6 MB


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esse jogo poderia ser um pouco mais rápido

É, fui jogar aqui e realmente tava mais lento do que deveria ._. , aumentei um pouco e aproveitei pra compilar uma versão que roda no navegador

caraca, pac-man também bixo? vamo ver esse joguin 

Yep, devo colocar tbm um bomberman que eu fiz daqui uns dia