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Adventure yourself as an animated drawing in the classroom! Paper Hero was made to be presented at a cultural fair at high school in 2014. It was developed in Unity, and I was responsible for all the game development except for the characters drawings.


You, as the hero, must defeat the ghosts and bombs that lurks around the classroom with your powers, while collecting the loot along the way. Walk with A and D, and jump with Spacebar. Press Q and E to rotate your perspective, and to attack with a fireball.

Development Story

Back in 2014, for the cultural fair that was going to happen at my school, me and my friends, as gamers we were, planned to present about the history of the games. With this theme in mind, we thought about creating a game to show at it, as it would be fun to watch the visitors playing our game, and surely our awesome teachers would like the idea. 

After getting their approval, we then spent six months developing this game, alongside the organization of the booth, with me coding and making the 3D art of the game, another friend making the drawings, and the others giving ideas and playtesting the game.

 Long months after, the presentation day came, and after staying late night fixing the most bugs we could, we got to present it. It was a blast! People were very curious to try it, and even those who didn't had much gaming experience wanted to play (sadly, the rushed player controls weren't helping them pass the first wall jump :P).

The presentation being over, since no one was willing to continue it, the project ended up there, and it stayed untouched for months. Then, with the release of Unity5, I reopened the project and started tinkering with the new rendering features in it, improving textures to PBR, remodeling some items, and such.

Since then, from time to time, over the past years, I opened this project to play around and polish it, part because of the nostalgia from making this game back then, and part because I always wanted to continue developing this game, but with bigger things in my life taking my time, polishing it was enough for me. 

But since It has been on my HD for so long, I decided after this years to at least post it somewhere, so at least someone beside me can have this piece of our past :D

So thanks for reading/playing and have fun!


Paper Hero 2.2d.zip 107 MB

Development log


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The game was fun , although the camera was a little fiddly and trying to make sure you were in line with some of the enemies/obstacles ,especially the zip line was a bit tedious to do.

 The environment is really nice and the concept of a 2d hero coming into a 3d world was fantastic the animations are great it is like you can really believe the story popped right out of the drawer's mind.

Paper Hero is a little heavy on the ghosts, but is otherwise a pretty fun time. Though I may just be biased, since the visuals are my favorite part, with the 2D paper people in the 3D world making everything feel bigger than it is. Overall, a nice piece of work.

Good job, dev.

Interesting idea for a game.

This is clearly an incomplete experience, but even saying that, i think this could totally be expanded into a full game. The style alone is awesome and worth expanding.I hope you continue to work on this.

Spawns are a bit wack. I got stuck under a desk and couldnt get up to the correct area


Played this on my channel today, looks pretty cool. 

Thanks for playing it! In my defense, it's written "F fireball attack" in the table where you spawn, but it seems that what I thought was subtle was actually unnoticeable ._.

então é aqui que você compartilha suas bagunças keller... legal, gostei kkkkkkk

this was a very cool concept! having to rotate the camera to make a new path is something you can use to definitely expand on. plus the challenge of navigating made it fun and exciting. Great job!

Thanks man! I wish I could continue developing it, but with college and stuff I barely have time to make games :(
Btw, I LOL'd hard watching your gameplay :P, It's amusing how you guys can beat the game without using the fireball!

think is good

Thanks for trying it out! It seems like the graphics and performance of the game is not scaling well with the quality settings, and the collision of the objects aren't helping either, so I might try to improve it here. But thanks for the patience of playing it until the end!

no problem...cool idea 2d and 3d

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

LOL, you truly finished it in hard mode! My bad for not putting the control instructions for attacking inside the game. Now, after seeing you fly in the head of the ghost I had to try to finish the game doing this

xD omg that beside i didn't know you could finish it in 1 min that was funny riding ghosts to the end thank you for watching my video  btw :) 

Haven't tried it yet but pictures are promising an awesome  game.

I will definitely say my opinion when I play it!

Thanks! I hope you like it :D