Performance, bugfixes and Ghost Buff

Hi people! Thanks to your feedback in your gameplay videos, I made a bugfix update resolving some issues I've seen happening, which include:

  • Falling bridge behavior being strange/missing collision with the books when they are returning
  • Missing explanation that F key is used to attack with fireballs (now there is a drawing on the desk where you spawn stating that)
  • Weird collision with the chairs and desks where you climb
  • Zip line trigger being too short
  • No indication that there is nothing behind the door (I know, that book trail is very tempting :P )
  • Missing lights in "Fastest" quality

Alongside that, I also made some other changes:

  • Added loading screen
  • Cleaned the inputs in the Input tab of the launcher
  • Improved performance in lower quality levels by disabling some post processes
  • Reduced the size of the FPS counter text
  • Translated texts to English (they were in Portuguese before, I forgot to do that before releasing)

And mainly, after seeing the gameplays, I realized that the ghosts were kind of pointless when you could defeat them with one hit, so I increased it to seven fireball hits, making them way more challenging when using the fireballs.

And that's it for this update, thanks for everyone that played it, and I hope you like it!

Until next time...


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48 days ago

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